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Our family and my 13-year-old niece recently stayed a week at Barcelo Aruba resort on beautiful Palm Beach. This area is known for its spectacular soft sand, turquoise waters, beautiful resorts, and a wealth of dining and shopping venues within walking distance. We fell in love with the beaches, the weather, and the atmosphere here. However, after a couple of days of sun and sand, we wanted to see what else Aruba had to offer. What better way to explore a 19-mile long island with a diverse landscape than in a Jeep?  When adventure calls, you rent a Jeep and go exploring.  If you think of yourself as an adventurous person and find yourself in Aruba, do it. It was definitely the highlight of our trip. This part of our trip was unanimously everyone’s favorite. Despite the lack of road signs and rocky terrain, we found it safe and fairly easy to get around this beautiful island. They drive on the right side of the road as we do and follow most of the same traffic laws. We never felt unsafe anywhere we went. I hope our photo journey below will help you plan your own adventure next time you find yourself in Aruba.


We rented a Jeep to tour the rocky North Eastern coast of Aruba and the Arikok National Park. Best decision we made! Aruba was made to be seen in a Jeep.


Our first stop was a morning shopping trip and tour of downtown Oranjestad. We loved this cute little Dutch town with luxury shops and markets.


Second stop was snorkeling at Arashi Beach. This was our niece Dani’s first snorkeling experience! Great coral reefs and beautiful calm water.
Second stop was California Lighthouse (built in 1916) on the Northeast coast. It was named for the steamship California, which was wrecked nearby on September 23, 1891.

Our group in front of the California Lighthouse
The girls loved sticking their heads out of the top of the Jeep and driving along the coastline.

Volcanic crater-like rock all along the Eastern coastline
Giant waves crashed along the shoreline

Rows and rows of Rock Stacks or “Cairns” were all along the coastline. Tourists make a rock stack and make a wish.
The girls wanted to make their own rock stack

A balancing rock we found while driving along the coastline
Alto Vista Chapel, also known as “Pilgrim’s Church”, was originally consecrated in 1750, rebuilt in 1952.

Inside Alto Vista Chapel
Dozens of these little coves can be found driving on the Eastern coast of Aruba
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It is hard to put into words what this view was like. It was breathtaking and scary at the same time with the intense wind and crashing waves. Another person could not be found as far as we looked.

Bushiribana Ruins was the next stop that day. The Aruba Island Gold Mining Company built the Bushiribana smelter in 1825 to extract gold from the ore that was being mined in the nearby hills of Ceru Plat; it operated for ten years. Today is a tourist stop along the trail to Arikok Park and the Natural Pool.

We started our second day in our Jeep at the Ayo Rock Formations. These were really cool. We walked through the caves, climbed on top of the giant formations, and even saw some cave drawings.

Jason and I at the Ayo rock formations.

Rock climbing is their favorite so Dani and Taylor loved this area.
“Circle of Life” demonstration on their own Pride rock
Primitive Cave drawings found in Ayo Rock formations. The Arawak people were the earliest settlers on the island. They used to visit Ayo Rock Formations so that they could hear incoming thunderstorms closing in on the island of Aruba. They also carved paintings in rocks called petroglyphs while performing religious rites.
Our next stop was the Natural Pool. We arrived at the entrance to the Natural pool planning on hiking to the pool. We were told that a Jeep can get down there just fine and the hike would be over an hour and pretty difficult. We made the decision to try to go by Jeep. This was the most intense part of the trip. Driving on the extremely rocky roads in a Jeep to get to the tall staircase down to the Natural pool was quite the trek. Jason was really anxious that our tire would rupture or we would get stuck. Luckily we did arrive safely and the Jeep did remarkably well. The end result was as shown in this picture. An incredible Natural pool filled with fish and sea life. Lots of other people were jumping off rocks into the pool below, snorkeling, and relaxing in the cool water. I was the only one in our group who got in. It was definitely difficult to get in and out and there were a lot of crabs everywhere waiting to bite your toes. Once in a lifetime experience though.

We stopped for lunch at a hidden gem right in Arikok National Park- Boca Prins Bar and Restaurant
We loved the authentic Aruban Cuisine. Pictured above is Keshi Yena which is made from Gouda cheese covering spicy chicken, caesar salad, and Fried Plantains. We also enjoyed Pan Bati which is sort of a smashed bread that looks like a pancake that is common here. 


We finished our 2nd Jeep day at Baby Beach on the southern tip of Aruba. We snorkeled and relaxed at this tranquil beach where a lot of locals come to hang out.
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WHY CHOOSE ARUBA? A Travel Agent’s guide to why we chose Aruba as our next vacation spot

I count myself lucky. As a travel consultant, I get a lot of opportunities to travel and see the world. I spend my days helping others find the right destination and hotel for their travel style and needs. However, every year I am faced with a challenge. Where should I take my own family vacation? I will freely admit, my family is a bit spoiled. We have seen and done a lot over the years.

Where do you take a teen who is well traveled and not easily impressed? This year, after a lot of deliberation we settled on the ‘Happy Island’ of Aruba. Here are 9 reasons why you should also consider Aruba for your next vacation:


1.) Great Weather all year round

It is 82 degrees and mostly sunny year round with a steady breeze from the trade winds. Rain is scarce here and lots of sunshine.


2.) It is outside of the Hurricane Belt

You can rest easy traveling to Aruba during the typical Caribbean Hurricane Season. Aruba is just north of South America and this area avoids the path of most hurricanes.


3.) Beaches

The west coast of Aruba has world-famous Eagle and Palm Beaches. Turquoise water and white sand for miles.


4.) Diverse Landscape

Adventure travelers will love the diverse landscape with cactus-studded desert landscapes, rocky coastlines, and soft white sandy beaches to enjoy.


5.) Safety

I get this question asked all of the time. Is this island safe? Yes. Aruba is one of those islands you can feel comfortable walking around off property, renting a jeep, or catching the bus. Most locals will speak English and there is a lot of shopping and restaurants to get out and try.


6.) Hassle-free Caribbean Vacation

Yes, you will need to get a passport and some areas will require two planes to get there. However, there are currently about 10 US cities that offer nonstop flights to Aruba and new nonstop flights from US cities are springing up all of the time. Also, you get the advantage of going through US Customs in the Aruba Airport on your way home. It does not get much easier than that.


7.) Family-Friendly Hotels

Aruba is very welcoming to both young and old. Families can easily reconnect and enjoy time together on this beautiful island. There are a wealth of family friendly hotels that are designed to make sure the whole family is happy.



The Dutch island of Aruba is not only a pristine beach destination but a place full of culinary delights! Enjoy fresh seafood, pan bati (pancake-like bread), Balashi beer, and Keshi Yena (spicy meat, usually chicken, covered in gouda cheese). Yum! You can easily dine around the island of Aruba and get international cuisine as well as classic Aruban cuisine. Eating out can be a little pricey here at times so be sure to do some research to find how to eat on a budget.


9.) Aruban Hospitality

Tourism is Aruba’s heart and soul. You will find most businesses in Aruba love tourists and greet you with welcoming arms. The island’s 110,000 inhabitants are made up of a broad international mixture of well-educated people and warm hospitality.

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The idea came to me last night while chatting with my husband. We were lying in bed preparing for a busy work week and he asked: “Do you ever dread the start of vacation because then you will have nothing left to look forward to?” That is an interesting thought. Are Americans so stressed out, exhausted, and anxious that we can’t enjoy vacations without worrying about them ending before they have begun?

As most of us know, Americans have very little vacation time compared to other countries. The United States is the only developed country in the world without a single legally required paid vacation day or holiday. In comparison, by law, every country in the European Union has at least four work weeks of paid vacation. Since our vacation time is so rare, most Americans look forward to our one or two week vacation all year long. Personally, vacation is the pinnacle of my year. I enjoy planning fun activities and daydreaming about the trip all year long. As the date approaches, I start the internal countdown to vacation bliss.  However, once the trip has begun many of us get anxious or sad that our much-anticipated vacation will soon be over.

A day or two into a vacation, the letdown usually begins to take hold. No more anticipation. No more countdown. No more pre-vacation shopping trips. No more dreaming of umbrella drinks and swaying palm trees. Some people can shake off the gloom and savor the moment. Others have a harder time shrugging off the feeling that while you are on vacation, you are walking the green mile. Each moment is a step closer back to the daily grind.

Say you are a lucky one who has managed to push away the dark thoughts and worries and fully embraced your vacation. When vacation ends and you are thrust back into the real world, many people struggle with coming off that high. When we’re on vacation, there’s a boost in two brain neurotransmitters — dopamine and serotonin — which are involved in mood and depression, says Baird Brightman, PhD, a Massachusetts-based psychologist and organizational consultant. People who are depressed have low levels of these neurotransmitters, and the work environment can make that worse. Post-vacation depression and anxiety is real. Who has not found themselves in such a packing frenzy before a trip that you leave your house in disarray and chaos? You come home from paradise to the exciting prospect of cleaning the house, doing laundry, sorting through piles of mail, and unpacking suitcases. You also go from excitement and relaxation to humdrum and hassles. It can cause some whiplash.

Here’s the good news: Vacations give us a chance to recharge our batteries — change the pace, alter the scenery, and improve our attitude. We just need to know ways to cope with the anxiety and roller coaster effect that goes along with vacation.  If you find yourself with the “vacation blues” before, after or during your vacation, here are a few ways to snap yourself out of it:


1.) Plan your trip well so you are less stressed while on vacation

Have you ever heard the phrase”Your Poor planning is not MY Emergency”? Well, your poor planning also does not need to be YOUR emergency either. Plan as much as you can in advance so you don’t have to do the work while on vacation. You are also less likely to have as many stressful emergencies spring up to make your vacation more anxiety-riddled.  However, be careful not to make your vacation too jam-packed or regimented. You need some flexibility and room to be spontaneous if the opportunity arises.

If deciding where to eat every night is a common argument with your travel companions, do the arguing before you go and decide where you all will be eating most of the nights.

If you think you might want to Scuba dive while on your trip, maybe investigate what you need to do to be prepared or what certifications or medical records you might need.

If you know that you will be tired and cranky after flying all day, arrange a private transfer to your hotel so you can avoid the hassle of making multiple stops before reaching your hotel.  Find ways to make the travel process as smooth as possible so you can relax and enjoy.

2.) Savor the Moment-

So you have planned the trip well, now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor . Sleep in, eat ice cream daily, laugh loudly, enjoy the sun on your face, and find a new skill you never knew you had. If you feel the dark clouds rolling in, find something that AMAZES you and makes you come alive. You can worry about life the other 51 weeks of the year. Vacations are statistically GREAT for your mental and physical health, so enjoy them.

  • One 2005 study from the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found that women who don’t take regular vacations were two to three times more likely to be depressed compared to women who take regular vacations.
  • Another study followed 12,338 men for nine years — and found that men who didn’t take annual vacations had 32% higher risk of death from heart attack and 21% higher risk of death from all causes.
  • One study analyzed surveys completed by women enrolled in the 20-year Framingham Heart Study. Researchers found an eight times higher risk of heart attack and death among women who rarely took vacations (every six years or less) — compared to women who took at least one vacation every two to five years. (

3.) Come home to a clean orderly home and a short to-do list

No one wants to come home from a nice vacation to a giant to-do list. You don’t want your vacation to end as soon as you step in the door because you didn’t properly prep your house before you left. You don’t want to clean before you can unpack. Try and do a much as possible before you go on vacation so you can come back to a peaceful and welcoming environment.

4.) Plan fun activities to do when you come back

If you know that when you return home that you will have post-vacation depression, then find what best helps you snap out of it. Plan to do something you love a few days after you get back from your trip. Go out to dinner with friends and share vacation stories and pictures. Take a long walk in the park with the dogs. Get a post-vacation massage or pedicure. Binge watch the shows you missed while on vacation or go see a movie. Be pro-active and make sure you have things to look forward to when you get back home.

5.) Mentally start planning your next vacation

So you made it through your trip with a positive outlook and thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing week away. Now it is time to fly home. Mentally start accessing your vacation. What did you love? What would you change next time? Take this time to start planning where you would love to go next time. Will it be back to the beach or to a cabin on the lake? Who will come with you? Reflect on your incredible vacation and start the dreaming process all over again.

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DREAMING ABOUT OVERWATER BUNGALOWS? You don’t have to go to Fiji to find them. [Resort Review]

As a travel consultant, I have been on many familiarization trips over the years with All Inclusive Outlet. Each one has been beneficial in keeping my finger on the travel pulse so I know which resorts to suggest and which to steer my clientele away from.

This trip we toured the Karisma brand of all-inclusive beachfront resorts in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. They did not disappoint! The highlight, from my 3 days of touring 8 hotels, was seeing the Overwater Palafitos at the El Dorado Maroma resort.

Who hasn’t found themselves daydreaming about vacationing in a bungalow on stilts, over calm turquoise waters, sipping umbrella drinks served by your butler, and snorkeling right off your private sun deck? In the past, this wasn’t possible for Americans who preferred not to contend with a 15-hour flight to the South Pacific. However, recently Karisma has introduced this concept into the Riviera Maya area of Mexico, just minutes from Cancun. This location is only a short 3-5 hour plane ride from many US cities, making it a dream come true for American tourists.

We toured the hotel on a day of torrential downpour so a lot of my own pictures could not be used. However, I did include some of my personal photos and also some official hotel pictures below. Despite the rain, it was still an incredible experience.

The Palafitos were stunningly beautiful and surprisingly large at over 800 square feet. The thatched vaulted roofs, carved wooden headboards, and glass flooring added to the uniqueness of the rooms.

If you choose the Elite Palafitos, you will have a dedicated butler that can deliver meals to your room, draw a romantic bath complete with flower petals, unpack your suitcase, or help you schedule any excursions or spa treatments.

I loved that you had 24-hour room service or you can dine at multiple gourmet restaurants on site. The food is prepared using fresh vegetables and herbs grown at a greenhouse on a nearby Karisma resort. I can personally say that the food at these resorts is far superior to typical dining fare at other all-inclusive resorts.

Snorkeling equipment is provided in your room for your stay along with access to paddle boards or kayaks that you can use directly from your private sundeck. You can relax in your infinity pool, enjoy your roofless shower, or watch the sunset from your balcony overlooking the endless ocean.

Bottom Line: These unique rooms at this adults-only all-inclusive resort would be perfect for a honeymoon, anniversary or romantic getaway.

What I loved about Overwater Palafitos at El Dorado Maroma:

The Sunsets over the beautiful Maroma beach

A private piece of paradise

Waking up to see Fish swimming below me

Showering in the Aguas Del Amor Outdoor shower


Dedicated Butler Service

Gourmet dining included at 6 specialty restaurants and 1 exclusive to Palafito guests

Snorkeling and Paddleboarding available right from your private sundeck

Private infinity pool 




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Discovering your Travel Personality

Everyone has unique personalities and travel styles. Discovering your travel personality will help you determine what style of vacation is right for you so you can fulfill your travel goals.

What type of traveler are you? I have been a travel consultant for 16 years now. Based upon common traveler types I have noticed over the years, I have come up with 6 distinct Travel personalities. Of course, some people might fall into a couple or even several categories since different trips serve different purposes for travelers. This post is all in good fun so I might have missed a travel personality or exagerated some of the types. You might even find that you started out as a Hummingbird early in life but have become a Sloth over time.

If you find yourself saying “Relatable” to most of the phrases below then you just might have found your travel personality. Again, as mentioned some people (like me) will find they relate to a few categories. Please let me know which category BEST matches your travel personality at this time.

Are you a Sloth, Spider Monkey, Scarlet Macaw, Hummingbird, Butterfly, or Sea Turtle?


THE BUTTERFLY– I have never met a stranger

– The stranger you sat next to on the plane knows all about your crazy Uncle and how much sunblock you packed for your vacation.

– You are the first AND last one singing at the Karaoke bar.

-You give a shout-out to 15 staff members by name on Tripadvisor when you return home from your trip.

– A great vacation is determined more by the friendliness of the staff and fellow guests than it is about the rooms or restaurants.

– You always have a story to share no matter what subject is brought up in a conversation.

– Your hotel room is not important because you are never in it!

-You rarely travel alone and wherever you go the party goes with you.



THE SLOTH– Beach chair+Book=Vacation

– You packed 6 books for vacation but worry it wont be enough.

– You put headphones in your ears as soon as you board the plane so the person next to you won’t try to talk to you.

– Your idea of vacation is moving as little as possible away from your beach chair.

– You have your “person” with you and everyone else fades into the background.

– Private bungalows with your own pool and 24 hour room service, where you would hardly have to see another guest the entire week sounds like heaven to you.

– Megaresorts with loud music and thousands of people sound more like work and less like a vacation.


The Hummingbird– Always in motion

– You have pre-booked 5 excursions for your 4 day vacation.

-You have a laminated hour-by-hour itinerary for your trip

– You have a travel bucket list that would take multiple lifetimes to check off.

– You are determined to see ALL of the highlights for a destination in 4 days.

– You coined the phrase ” I need a vacation from my vacation”

– You take more pictures than the paparrazi while on vacation

-You are often found wandering a city with map and selfie stick in hand.


The Spider Monkey- Athletic and Health Conscious

– Top question you have before booking a trip is how nice is the gym

– You have not sat down in 20 hours. Who has time with windsurfing, parasailing, kayak tours, and waterskiing?

– You only travel where they offer Vegan and Non-Gmo foods to fuel your many activities

– Goat Yoga is on your bucket list

– While on vacation, you go for a 2- hour sunrise jog as a warm up for your day.

– Your juicer takes up half of your suitcase but you can’t leave home without it.

– You are frustrated that you cannot find travel-sized organic biodegradable sunscreen.

– Backpacking up the Piton Mountains in 90% humidity sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.

-You have barely seen your room the entire vacation other than to sleep.


THE SEA TURTLE- Nature-Lover, Cultural Guru

– You have prebooked the Temazcal Mayan Ceremony months before your trip to Mexico.

-You are NOT a tourist. You strive for authentic Cultural experiences.

– If the resort is advertised too much or too popular, you are not interested. You are always seeking unique hole-in-the-wall resorts and experiences.

-You are not concerned with Wi-Fi or creature comforts on your vacations.

– Your ideal hotel would be eco-friendly, locally owned, quaint, with furniture handcrafted from local woods. A place where the owner would stop by and have a beer with the guests on occasion.

-You can often be spotted with your guitar and bohemian style clothing.



The Scarlet Macaw- Fashion Foward One-Uppers

– You are always trying to impress your friends by going to the most exotic locales.

– You use Yelp to dictate every meal choice even if the menu is unappealing.

– You pack three suitcases for a 5 day beach vacation

-Stilettos are appropriate shoes to wear for travel days in the airport.

– You spend an hour applying full makeup and lots of hair product before going to the pool.

– You have a HUGE social following so everyone knows the good, the bad and the ugly about your vacation.

– You love beach vacations but would never actually touch sand or saltwater.

– You travel to see and be seen.

– You want to be pampered and live like a rockstar on vacation.

-Your hotel room is everything.