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WHY CHOOSE ARUBA? A Travel Agent’s guide to why we chose Aruba as our next vacation spot

I count myself lucky. As a travel consultant, I get a lot of opportunities to travel and see the world. I spend my days helping others find the right destination and hotel for their travel style and needs. However, every year I am faced with a challenge. Where should I take my own family vacation? I will freely admit, my family is a bit spoiled. We have seen and done a lot over the years.

Where do you take a teen who is well traveled and not easily impressed? This year, after a lot of deliberation we settled on the ‘Happy Island’ of Aruba. Here are 9 reasons why you should also consider Aruba for your next vacation:


1.) Great Weather all year round

It is 82 degrees and mostly sunny year round with a steady breeze from the trade winds. Rain is scarce here and lots of sunshine.


2.) It is outside of the Hurricane Belt

You can rest easy traveling to Aruba during the typical Caribbean Hurricane Season. Aruba is just north of South America and this area avoids the path of most hurricanes.


3.) Beaches

The west coast of Aruba has world-famous Eagle and Palm Beaches. Turquoise water and white sand for miles.


4.) Diverse Landscape

Adventure travelers will love the diverse landscape with cactus-studded desert landscapes, rocky coastlines, and soft white sandy beaches to enjoy.


5.) Safety

I get this question asked all of the time. Is this island safe? Yes. Aruba is one of those islands you can feel comfortable walking around off property, renting a jeep, or catching the bus. Most locals will speak English and there is a lot of shopping and restaurants to get out and try.


6.) Hassle-free Caribbean Vacation

Yes, you will need to get a passport and some areas will require two planes to get there. However, there are currently about 10 US cities that offer nonstop flights to Aruba and new nonstop flights from US cities are springing up all of the time. Also, you get the advantage of going through US Customs in the Aruba Airport on your way home. It does not get much easier than that.


7.) Family-Friendly Hotels

Aruba is very welcoming to both young and old. Families can easily reconnect and enjoy time together on this beautiful island. There are a wealth of family friendly hotels that are designed to make sure the whole family is happy.



The Dutch island of Aruba is not only a pristine beach destination but a place full of culinary delights! Enjoy fresh seafood, pan bati (pancake-like bread), Balashi beer, and Keshi Yena (spicy meat, usually chicken, covered in gouda cheese). Yum! You can easily dine around the island of Aruba and get international cuisine as well as classic Aruban cuisine. Eating out can be a little pricey here at times so be sure to do some research to find how to eat on a budget.


9.) Aruban Hospitality

Tourism is Aruba’s heart and soul. You will find most businesses in Aruba love tourists and greet you with welcoming arms. The island’s 110,000 inhabitants are made up of a broad international mixture of well-educated people and warm hospitality.


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