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WACO, A CITY WITH SOUL- My Magnolia and Waco, TX Experience

“People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

It is easy to find a friend who is there for you when times are good. Finding a friend that stands by you during troubled times forms a lifelong bond.

I was going through a particularly hard time in life when I first met Alison. We commiserated with one another about our recent divorces and faced single parenthood together. Along with our young girls, we went to divorce counseling, enjoyed movie nights, vacationed, and attended church together. We supported each other as we found new love and remarried. Through shared loss and common interests, we forged a strong friendship.

So when Alison and her family were relocated to Keller, Texas for work, I immediately started planning a visit to see her. A year later, my sister and I found ourselves on a plane to Dallas/Fort Worth airport for a long weekend with our dear friend. She was such a wonderful tour guide and a gracious host. Seeing her again was like coming home. We picked right up where we had left off.

In true “Alison” style, she planned out a 3-day itinerary with great care and we had a wonderful few days in the greater Dallas area. Below is a photo tour of our three days in Texas and some highlights we experienced. We absolutely loved Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco and recommend a visit for those who love southern hospitality, delicious eats, incredible shopping, and plenty of museums and entertainment. There is something here for everyone. It was sad to leave my dear friend after a few days, but now I have a great excuse to come back to Texas!


View from the plane on our way to Dallas
My sister Kristen and I at the Fort Worth Stockyards on our first day
Stampede of Longhorns. They do this twice a day every day.
Rodeo statue in Fort Worth Stockyards
You can get a picture on the Longhorn for $5. We passed.
Rodeo Arena in one of the largest country western bars in Texas
Tamales from Reatas in downtown Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth
Downtown Fort Worth was beautiful
Fort Worth Opera house

Alison at the Water Garden in downtown Fort Worth







The waiting area for Magnolia Table restaurant in Waco
Alison, Kristen and I at Magnolia Table
Gardens at Magnolia and the Silos in Waco, Texas
Enjoying some sweets at the Silos Baking company. Chip and Joanna did a great job with this place. My personal favorite was their Silo cookie with walnuts, peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips. Kristen enjoyed the Campfire Smores cupcake.

We enjoyed some shopping at the Magnolia shop

I enjoyed some Brown butter pecan ice cream at Heritage Creamery
Made our first Czech stop for some delicious Kolaches! I loved the Strawberry and cream cheese Kolache.

We began our Fixer Upper house self-guided tour. We looked up some addresses online and found some houses they had redone in the area and also went to Harp Design and the original Magnolia antique store.
A random Castle home we drove by on our tour.
The house made for Clint Harp with Harp Designs
There was a lot of diversity in the homes we saw as we drove around. A lot of Waco still was pretty rundown but you would also find beautiful old neighborhoods and homes that had been redone.
My longhorn friend and I at a park near the Waco suspension bridge you often see on Fixer-Upper


The “Shotgun” house as seen on Fixer-Upper
The Findery– A cute antique mall in Waco near Magnolia and the Silos
Enter a caption
One of many foodtrucks set up outside of Magnolia and the Silos
Greenhouse and garden area outside of Magnolia and the Silos
Kristen cooling herself off after lots of shopping. It was HOT!!
Alison and I at the Magnolia Silos

Silos Baking Co

Inside of the Silos

Adorable Rest stop on the way to Waco
Magnolia Table
Magnolia Table

Alison and Kristen outside of the rest stop on the way to Waco





Some of the delicious food that we ate on our Uptown Dallas Foodie tour- highly recommend! Look at that Peanut butter pie!
Kristen and I on our free Trolley ride in Uptown Dallas
Our Foodie walking tour group
Macaroons from Bisous Bisous
The Rustic

Yummy steak tacos
Eureka was a hit! We loved our Fig burger and sweet potato fries with honey

Delicious Chicken Schwarma and Pita

Our Trolley
Touring the Dallas Museum of Art

We had our delicious steak taco and margarita from here
Fig burger with sweet potato fries at Eureka

Polenta bread in sausage gravy, Avocado toast, and Egg Frittata to die for. The Rustic was our favorite.
The menu at the Rustic
Alison, Kristen and Ashley eating breakfast at the Rustic


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